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Please contact Corinne Rodriguez for addtional information in regards to the 3 years retreat.

Email : corinnerodriguez@hotmail.fr


For more informations about the 3 years retreat, pleace contact Corinne Rodriguez :


To register to the next 3 years retreat in Bhutan, click on the following link, then complete and sign the form : регистрационный формуляр

Then scan it and sent it back via email.

You can also send it via regular mail :

Corinne Rodriguez 4 rue Jean-Joseph Cauvin 06530 PEYMEINADE FRANCE

Others Yeshe Khorlo websites :

France (european center) : http://www.yeshekhorlo-pemayangdzong.com/
France (south) : http://www.yeshekhorlo-sud-est.org/index.php
Germany : http://www.yeshekhorlo.de/
Austria : http://www.yeshekhorlo.at/
Russia : http://yeshekhorlo.ru/en/beginning.html
Switzerland : http://yeshekhorlo.ch/
Slovenia : http://yeshekhorlo.buda.si/
USA: http://www.yeshekhorlo.org/
Canada: http://www.yeshekhorlo.ca/
Taïwan: tw.netsh.com