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Within the Nyingma tradition, the path to enlightenment is divided into 9 yanas (vehicles).

The 3 years retreat will focus on the last 3 yanas known as the Inner Tantras:

· The Yana of Mahayoga

· The Yana of Anuyoga

· The Yana of Atiyoga

According to the « Vajrasattva Heart’s Mirror » :

The Mahayoga of Creation is like the base of all the Dharmas.

The Anuyoga of Perfection is like the path of all the Dharmas.

The Atiyoga of Great Perfection is like the crucial point of all the Dharmas.

This is why the meaning of these three parts, Creation, Perfection and Great Perfection, is a sense beyond any union and separation.

The three Inner Tantras’s vehicles are consequently interrelated and constitute a particularity of the Nyingmapa’s school. All three have extraordinary qualities that confers them superior than the Outer Tantras.


The Retreat Master confers teachings, practices, commentaries and empowerments to the retreaters in tibetan. He is translated on site in English by an interpreter.

The texts are translated into English, German, and French from the Tibetan originals.

At the end of each section, a fire puja (Riwo Sang Chö) will take place.

Sometimes (from 1 to 3 times/year), H.E. Ganteng Tulku Rimpoche confers some Dzogchen teachings (as Trektchö or Thöguiel), and some empowerments.


We inform you that those who wish to accomplish a traditional 3 years retreat in Bhutan need to be in perfect possession of their capacities, both physically and mentally. Indeed, the practice’s rhythm is sustained and steady (see program below), and some yogas are particularly difficults (such as the prostrations during the preliminaries, or the tsa-lungs). Therefore, we don’t recommend registration to the 3 years retreat for those over 60.

Passing the torch

After 3 years, 3 months and 3 days, the retreatants will leave their retreat and will be met by the new retreatants entering retreat and by musicians playing tibetan trumpet (“kanglings”), katas’s offerings, etc.

Both groups will make an offering ceremony (tsok) at the temple : the participants leaving the retreat give thanks for the successful completion of their retreat and the new participants to begin their retreat in an auspicious way.

Like an uninterrupted circle, the retreatants and their practices will follow one another, thus maintaining a strong spiritual connection.


At the end of the 3 years retreat, a certificate will be delivered to each participant.

Retreat Dates

First Retreat : November 2009 – Mid-March 2013

Second Retreat : the date of the upcoming retreat was delayed.


Registration Deadline : 6 months before the beginning of the retreat (i.e. before august 2012).