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The requirements to the 3 years retreat are the followings :

– To be one of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche’s students or by permission of Ganteng Tulku Rinpoche
– To have practiced Buddhism for at least 10 years
– To be psychologically balanced and in good physical condition
– To be able to read and understand texts in either English, German, French, or Tibetan
– To be of age


Rinpoche recommends that the next applicants of the 3 years retreat enroll in the online Shedra (8 years study program – http://www.longchenrabjam.org/) with Christine Arpita (email: christine.arpita@gmail.com).

Indeed, this teaching program provides students the essential foundation of Buddhist Philosophy and traces the history of the Nyingma lineage and the tradition of Pema Lingpa.

In addition to the spiritual practices and short retreats that you are recommended to carry out until the actual 3 years retreat, it is essential that you have sorted out all material concerns before the retreat starts (taxes, appartment issues, etc.)

Before the retreat, you will be required to provide a contact list (phone/email) in case of an emergency. In order for your mind to be free from usual samsaric preoccupations, we recommend that you entrust your personal matters to a personal contact.
It is imperative that the future retreater informs his family concerning his project.

Family’s contacts

The communication between retreatant and their family is limited but not forbidden during the retreat. Apart from certain specific periods (called “nyempos”) there can be some exchange of letters and presents. Visitors are not allowed.

A Yeshe Khorlo member will be designated to be the contact between the retreatant and their family and/or friends
Exceptionally, at the discretion of the Retreat Master and Rimpoche, it will be possible to organize a family visit. For this, prior authorisation must be requested by the family to interpose between 2 sessions of practice. The visit may not exceed 2 to 3 days at the retreat location.