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Informations pratiques


Upon your registration for the retreat, a request for a special visa will be made to the Bhutanese Government by our contact responsible for all the usual formalities (see visa application form attached). Your visa has to be approved prior to air ticketing and your arrival in Bhutan.You will not be considered as a tourist and you will not have to pay the tourist tax for your stay in Bhutan.

Warning : Once your visa is issued and all formalities completed with the Government of Bhutan, once you arrive in Bhutan, no returns will be possible.



Your passport must stipulate an expiry date of 6 months after the end of the retreat.


Once you have received your special retreat visa, you can make your own arrangements or you can be assited by White Lotus Travel, our partner agency based in Bhutan (website : www.whitelotustravel.com). Contact : Ngawang thinley. Email : gangtey2008@gmail.com

Vaccine / Medicine

There is no compulsory vaccination for Bhutan, but you may want to consult your doctor about vaccinations before traveling.
If you are under medical treatment, you will need to bring all your necessary medication with you before the retreat.
As a precaution, you can also bring laxatives,  anti-Diarrhoeals, ointments and antihistamine tablets.
In case of illness, you will be taken to a local doctor or driven to the nearest hospital (Thimphu).
Participation for the 3 years retreat requires  good mental balance and  good physical condition. A medical certificate is required upon registration.


We recommend that you take out an individual insurance for the whole duration of the retreat, including repatriation costs.


The cost for the entire retreat is 20 000 euros. The totality of this amount must be paid before the beginning of the retreat.

This fee include the following :

. Remuneration for the Retreat Master and the Retreat Assistant (for shopping and delivery of food)
• Accommodation in a retreat cabin
• Food (provided by a Retreat Assistant)
• Practice texts (translated into French, English & Deutsch)
• Daily offerings for your altar (incenses, butter lamps)

Not Included in this fee :

• The round-trip airplane ticket.
• Tsok Offerings
• Light offerings with palm oil
• Precious offerings: such as gold or silver. These offerings are made when rare and precious teachings/empowerments are given during the retreat and considered very auspicious.


The climate varies greatly from one region to another, because of the huge variations in altitude (up to 7000m).
Central Bhutan where  Trongsa, the retreat center is located, varies from an altitude of 2000m to 3500m from west to east, with few exceptions for lower valleys. The climate is alpine with monsoon but in some lower valleys, it is semi-tropical with monsoon.

The seasons are well marked : November to March, winter can be harsh, with temperatures falling below freezing at night and some snow, spring and autumn, the most pleasant seasons are mild, but the month of June just before the monsoon can be hot and stormy. From late June to late September, the monsoon and its low clouds invades every valley and turns the country into a sea of green, while April and May saw the flowering of thousands of different species of rhododendrons.


The currency used in Bhutan is the Ngultrum (Nu) which has the same value as the Indian rupee.
The most common currencies are the Ngultrum, the rupee, the euro, the dollar, pound sterling and Japanese yen.
Cash can be exchanged at the Bank of Bhutan or the NBB in Thimphu and in hotels.
Credit cards Visa and American Express are accepted in some shops and hotels.

Local Time

Bhutan is 6 hours difference to GMT.