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Conditions de vie

There is a maximum capacity of 15 participants for the 3 years retreat.
The retreat consists of both male and female retreaters.
Each practitioner lives in an individual chalet.

Each spacious cabin contains the following equipment to live and practice with :

– one main room,
– one kitchen,
– one bedroom,
– a wood stove for heating and cooking,
– toilets,
– water,
– basic furniture/supplies (bed, blankets, table, chair)
– altar with 2 vases,
– offering bowls.
– incense and butter lamps

The chalets are not yet equipped with electricity, but a solar lamp is furnished. The comfort of the chalets will be improved for the next retreat.


For meals, an assistant is dedicated to provide your food regularly from your own list.
Most of the products come from Bhutan or India.
The staple food is simple and composed off rice, vegetables, and chapati.
Usual western foods can’t be delivered.
Depending on the practice programm, meals are sometimes taken individually or in the community.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke during the retreat, inside or outside of the chalets.
Alcohol is authorised with temperance.
We inform you that during some practices sessions, you will be not allowed to clean yourself.