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It is with pleasure that we inform you that the first 3 years traditional retreat began in November 2009 in Bhutan, in the region of Trongsa.

This first retreat dedicated to the Western students of H.E. Gangteng Tulku Rimpoche in the Pema Lingpa tradition, is supervised by Rimpoche himself and led on site by Khempo Karma Wangyal, who is also the Khempo of  the Gangtey Gompa’s Monastery (head of the Gangtey Tulkus).

Rimpoche’s students are highly fortunate to be offered the opportunity to accomplish a traditional retreat in the land of “Thunder Dragon”, blessed by Guru Rimpoche and by so many other great Masters who have practiced and transmitted Dharma for many years.

Furthermore, it’s the first time that the Bhutanese Government has accepted to deliver a long term visa to western students coming to practice Dharma traditionally, as monks have done up to now.

The retreat center called “Rigzin Gatsel” (Vidyadharas’Park)  belongs to the “Urgyen Choeling” monastery (Oudyana Dharma’s Park) on the district of Trongsa, in the center of Bhutan. Located in the hills of the monastery, on the land where the deceased father of Rimpoche has made several retreats (his hermitage is now the small temple of the retreat), it is composed of seven new cottages built by Bhutanese craftsmen.

There are 7 international students participating (1 from France, 2 from Germany, 2 from Switzerland and 2 from Canada), 4 women and 3 men.

Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche’s aspiration is that this first retreat will be followed by another retreat, in an uniterrupted way as the tradition requires.

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